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Executive List
1. Kimberly Scott
2. Kimberly Tassie
(Assist. Account Exec.)
3. Kimberly Tonelli
(Operations Consultant)
4. Kimberly Vaughn
(Consultant, Atlanta, GA)
5. Kimberly Ward
(Assist. VP, Financial Services Officer - Ontario Business Center - Mission Oak national Bank)
6. Kimberly West
(Assoc. Attorney)
7. Kimberly Williams
(Pres., COO)
8. Kimberly Wormstead
9. Kimberly Bacher
(Assoc. Attorney)
10. Kimberly Debra
(Sr. VP, Corporate Communications, Marketing)
11. Kimberly Fitzsimmons
(Pres., First Data Independent Sales)
12. Kimberly Griffiths
(VP - Strategic Operations Group)
13. Kimberly Kovac
(Exec. VP, Human Resources - Metaldyne University)
14. Kimberly Kuryea
15. Kimberly Lapworth
(Assoc. Attorney)
16. Kimberly Lawrence
(Tax Principal)
17. Kimberly Madigan
(VP, Labour Relations, North America)
18. Kimberly Nelson
(VP, Pres., Snacks Unlimited)
19. Kimberly Roll-Wallace
(VP - Audit)
20. Kimberly Sarff
(Assoc. Attorney)

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