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Email Lists

Email Lists!

Email Lists Marketing versus Telemarketing

Which one is better? Like most questions the answer is Depends. Direct marketing is more expensive than email marketing. The response rates are often less than a percent. The set-up time for the campaign is long. Email marketing on the other hand can be launched within a day. The ROI can be measured clearly. What you need though for a successful Email Marketing campaign is quality Email Lists.

Integrated Email Lists

So what you really need to successfully grow your business is an integrated approach. Start with an email campaign, follow up with a phone call. Or first try telemarketing and then follow up with Email Marketing. We have seen both the approaches work.

Email Lists Database

Walker’s Email Lists database is one of the biggest in the industry and keeps growing. We keep adding about 10,000 companies a month and many more executives to it. Currently our database includes over 105,286 Business Profiles, 1 million Executives, and more than 641,766 Email Contact Lists.

Email Lists - Unrestricted Use

When you download our Email Lists you get to keep them. This means that as long as you don’t resell them you can use these lists again and again. You can upload them into SalesForce.Com and share it across your sales force. Our competitors on the other hand will never let you own the list. They want you to rent the list so you keep paying again and again. At Walker’s Email Lists are for sale.

Email Lists Selector Tool

Walker’s Email List Selector makes the job of creating targeted Email Lists simple. In a matter of minutes not hours, you can create the lists you need – get the count, get a quote, download the list and get started with your campaign . Our powerful and easy-to-use Email Lists Selector includes mores than 15 search parameters.

Hollistic Email Lists

We just don’t give you Email Lists but also provide sufficient background information of the company and the executive so that you can tailor that email or conversation with a prospect. We provide a 360 degree view of the executives and the companies. Our Executive Email Lists includes email address of the executive but also valuable information such as company name, title, address of the company, phone number, and where available sales and employee count.

Maintain Currency of Email Lists

Executive churn in corporate America is inevitable. Look what is happening to our manufacturing sector or our services sector. We spend a lot of time and effort to update our records every day. The data in the Email List database is updated constantly. We use a combination of automation and human editorial based processes. If an email address bounces, you get another record free.

Email Lists!

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