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C-Level Executives      89,200
IT Decision Makers      10,400
Sales Executives      80,900
Marketing Executives      25,700
HR Decision Makers      13,800
Finance Professionals      38,700
Manufacturing Executives      6,500
Operations Executives      31,100
Accountants & CPAs      69,400
Small Business CXOs      22,400
Product Development Executives      17,300
Public Relations Executives      8,000
Insurance Industry Executives      4,000
Public Company Board Members      63,500
Fortune-1000 Senior Executives      15,200
General Counsel and Legal Execs      74,100
Advertising      1,800
Research & Development      10,900
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-Director of Prospect Management, Wittenberg University

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US Country Companies Index
01    Alaska And Alabama   02    Arkansas And Arizona   03    California And Colorado   4    Connecticut And District of Columbia (D.C.)
05    Delaware And Florida   06    Georgia And Hawaii   07    Iowa And Idaho   08    Illinois And Indiana
09    Kansas And Kentucky   10    Louisiana And Massachusetts   11    Maryland And Maine   12    Michigan And Minnesota
13    Missouri And Mississippi   14    Montana And North Carolina   15    North Dakota And Nebraska   16    New Hampshire And New Jersey
17    New Mexico And Nevada   18    New York And Ohio   19    Oklahoma And Oregon   20    Pennsylvania And Rhode Island
21    South Carolina And South Dakota   22    Tennessee And Texas   23    Utah And Virginia   24    Vermont And Washington
25    Wisconsin And West Virginia   26    Wyoming

Non US Country Companies Index
01    Argentina And Australia   02    Austria And Bahamas   03    Belize And Bermuda   04    Brazil And BWI
05    Canada And Cayman Is   06    China And Colombia   07    Czech Republic And Denmark   08    France And Germany
09    Greece And Hungary   10    Israel And Italy   11    Japan And South Korea   12    North Korea And Luxembourg
13    Macau And Malaysia   14    Netherlands And New Zealand   15    Norway And Panama   16    Papua New Guinea And Peru
17    Philippines And Portugal   18    Russia And Singapore   19    South Africa And Spain   20    Sweden And Switzerlandz
21    Turkey And United Kingdom   22    United States And Venezuela   23    Puerto Rico And Taiwan

SIC Industry Sector Index.
01  Agricultural Production-crops And Agricultural Prod-livestock   02  Fishing, Hunting & Trapping And Coal Mining
03  Oil & Gas Extraction And General Building Contractors   04  Heavy Construction Exc Buildingconstruction And Tobacco Products
05  Textile Mill Products And Apparel & Other Textile Prods   06  Furniture & Fixtures And Paper & Allied Products
07  Petroleum & Coal Products And Rubber & Misc. Plastics Products   08  Leather & Leather Products And Stone, Clay & Glass Products
09  Industrial Machinery & Equip And Electronic & Oth Electrical Equip   10  Transportation Equipment And Instruments & Related Products
11  Railroad Transportation And Trucking & Warehousing   12  Us Postal Service And Transportation By Air
13  Pipelines Except Natural Gas And Communications   14  Electric, Gas & Sanitary Svcs And Wholesale Trade-durable Goods
15  Wholesale Trade-nondurable Gds And Building Materials & Garden Supl   16  General Merchandise Stores And Food Stores
17  Apparel & Accessory Stores And Furniture & Homefurnish. Stores   18  Eating & Drinking Places And Depository Institutions
19  Nondepository Institutions And Insurance Agents, Brokers & Svc   20  Holding & Other Invest. Offices And Business Services
21  Automobile Repair, Svcs, Parking And Miscellaneous Repair Services   22  Motion Pictures And Educational Services
23  Social Services And Museums, Botanical & Zoologicalgardens   24  Engineering & Management Svcs
25  Justice, Public Order & Safety And Finance, Taxation & Monetarypolicy   26  Admin. Of Human Resources And Environmental Quality & Housing
27  Nonclassifiable Establishments  

Walker's Taxonomy Index.
01  Advertising And Aerospace & Defense
  02  Agriculture And Apparel & Accessories
03  Automotive And Beverage
  04  Brokerage And Business Services
05  Chemicals And Communication
  06  Construction Products And Construction Services
07  Consumer Products And Electronics
  08  Energy & Utilities And Entertainment and Recreation
09  Financial Products and Services And Food Products & Processing   10  Health Care Products & Services And Industrial Products & Services
11  Insurance And Metals   12  Mining And Non - Profit Organizations
13  Office Products & Equipment And Others
  14  Packaging And Personal Services
15  Repair Services And Restaurants
  16  Retail Stores And Rubber & Plastic Products
17  Textile & Accessories And Transportation Equipment & Services   18  Warehousing & Storage And Waste Processing & Environment
19  Wholesale

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