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Email Lead

Email Lead !

Million Email Lead

Need emails of HR executives we have them. Need to target CXOs we have hundreds of thousands of emails in our database. Walker's Email Lead database is a comprehensive one that keeps growing. Currently our database includes over 70,000 Business Profiles, 1 million Executives, and more than 500,000 Email Leads.

Unrestricted Email Lead

Unless you are IBM or Microsoft or Google, the chances are that you will need to knock on the door of a prospect repeated times to close that sale. We recognize that. Walker's allows its customers to use the email list again and again. At Walker's Executive Email Leads are for sale. You can upload them into your CRM platform and use them as many times as you want.

Email Lead Creator

Walker's Email Lead Creator allows you to select more than 15 parameters to really focus only on those companies and executives most relevant to your campaign. Our tool works in a manner similar to Google's advanced search. You select your parameters and with a few clicks you get what you are looking for. Once you complete your search, at a click of a button you can download the list that you need.

Complete Email Lead

We just don't give Email Leads from Walker's but a complete context to be able to market and sell your service. We provide a 360 degree view of the executives and the companies that you have selected. Our Executive Email Lists includes email address of the executive but also valuable information such as company name, title, address of the company, phone number, and where available sales and employee count.

Updated Email Lead

Leading recruiters have estimated that in Corporate America on an annual basis there is a churn of more than 15 % in the ranks of Executive. In other words, more than 15 % of the executives in companies get fired, change jobs, change companies, or simply retire. So it is super critical that we make frequent updates to our Email Leads database. The data in the Email Leads database is updated constantly.

Email Lead !

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