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Business Directory

Business Directory !

Print Business Directory

Walker’s first foray in the Business Information world was with the printed version of its Business Directory. We still publish this directory every year. At about 4,500 pages it is a valuable source of Business Information that is used by thousands of community libraries across the U.S.

Online Business Directory

Few years ago we recognized the demand for putting out this information in an online form. We launched the Online Business Directory version of our Print Directory product. The response to this initiative has been over whelming. Our customers have found the Online Business Directory a great tool for their marketing and sales prospecting campaigns.

Business Directory with Emails

Since in the online world there is not the same limitation of the print world, we have expanded our focus to include private as well as public companies. So our Business Directory database has grown tremendously and now includes over 70,000 Business Profiles, 1 million Executives, and more than 500,000 Email Contact Lists.

Downloading Business Directory

Once the online product was launched our customers needed to download the data to give them flexibility of importing it into their Customer Relationship Management systems. Today, companies large and small are using CRM systems like SalesForce.com. So we allow users to download the data from our Business Directory using List Generator.

Complete Business Directory

Like our print product, the Online Business Directory provides a comprehensive view of the business. For public companies. the Business Directory includes information on financials, subsidiaries, executive compensation and other important elements of a company’s profile. You need a complete context in the Business Directory and we provide it.

Current Business Directory

Given the changes in the manufacturing sector and now the services sector, it is super important that the data in a Business Directory is updated on a regular basis. Some of our competitors cut corners and update the information only once every couple of years. Such techniques worked in the print world but don’t in the online world. The data in the Business Directory database is updated constantly. We use a combination of automation and human editorial based processes. If an email address bounces, you get another record free.

Business Directory !

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