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Email List

Email List Marketing

Email Marketing has many advantages in comparison to the traditional techniques for revenue generation. It is inexpensive, results are easy to monitor, return on investment is measurable, and set-up time can be very short. But the key to successful Email Marketing is a high quality source of Email List.

Email List Database

Walker’s Research Email List database is focused on meeting this need. Our Email List database is not sector specific which makes it suitable for customers across all sectors. E-commerce services providers use our Email List Database to reach IT decision makers. Healthcare service providers use the Email List to reach out to decision makers at hospitals. So whatever your focus maybe, we probably have the Email List that you need.

Broad Email Database

With over 1 million executives, half a million emails, and more than 70,000 companies we have the breadth and the depth that you need. Don’t take our word. Do a few searches. We even offer a free 3-day trial. If you like what you see in our Email List Database you can buy the product. If not interested no obligations. You don’t have to give us your credit card information to start a trial. Simply an email address and you can register for the free trial.

Select Email List

With Walker’s Email List Builder you can select only the most relevant Email Lists. For your marketing campaign to be successful you need to target and pin point your sales effort. We give you the ability to do so. Select the geography, the SIC codes, the size of the company, title, and 15 additional parameters and we give you in real time the Executive Email List you need.

Up-to-Date Email List Database

Walker’s Email Lists are updated on an on-going basis so that the information is as current as possible. Currency of data is critical to you. We know it. It helps save time and make your marketing campaigns more effective. We make phone calls, monitor press releases and use other techniques to make sure that you have the most current Executive Lists.

Email List

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