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Business Lists

Business Lists

Marketing to Business Lists

Email marketing is rapidly becoming a critical tool in the improvement of sales and marketing effectiveness. Successful email marketing requires a high quality Business Lists with email addresses of executives. This is becoming harder and harder as large Business Lists compilers are scaling back their operation. Walker’s Business Lists database is a powerful solution aimed precisely at this need.

Comprehensive Business Lists

Walker’s Email Address Leads database includes over 500,000 emails and is fast growing. Every day we add hundreds of new businesses to our Business Lists database. Our goal is to get to 100,000 businesses & over million email addresses across all major companies in the US and cover all major functions.

Searchable Business Lists

As the size of our database keeps growing, we have made sure that you get the Business Lists that you need in a few keystrokes. We provide an easy-to-use search interface that allows you to create highly targeted Business Lists including Email Addresses for your marketing campaigns. You get to review the Business Lists before you purchase. We provide a quote in real-time so that you can make sure your dollars are spent optimally on the Business Lists you need.

Unlimited Business Lists

When you purchase Business Lists from our competitors you often have to rent them out. Need to run another campaign targeting the same segment and you have to go back to the well and purchase the SAME Business Lists again. At Walker’s we give you the right to use the Business Lists & Email Address Leads as many time as possible. You can upload them into your CRM platform and use them as many times as you want.

Updates of Business Lists

How many times have you tried to reach that executive at a company you know, only to find out that he is no longer there. Keeping our Business Lists current and accurate is super critical to us. Our customers have told us that accuracy & currency are the single most important criteria in their purchase of Business Lists. Records in Business Lists Directory are updated on an on-going basis so that the information is as current as possible. We also have a 100% guarantee. If an email address bounces, you get another record free.

Complete Business Lists

You may need that extra information in that Executives biography to help get past the gatekeeper. Or may want to know something about his prior job. We recognize that. Our Business Lists unlike some other providers, include a complete view of the executive. In addition to emails, Information about the executive includes company name, title, address of the company, phone number, and where available sales and employee count.

Business Lists

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