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Sales Leads

Sales Leads

Context with Sales Leads

What is a Sales Lead? There are different views on it. The best sales lead is a decision maker who has serious intent to purchase a product or service that you offer. Purchasing such a high quality Sales Lead from a third party is often impossible. So Sales Lead in real world often means purchasing the names and contact information on titles that are relevant to your industry. So if you are a software company with a new accounting package, then the Sales Lead probably is a CFO at small and medium size companies.

Select Sales Leads Lists

Walker’s specializes in providing Sales Leads to customers across all sectors. Unlike some of our competitors we do not focus on any one particular sector. You need to target Manfufacturing companies we can provide those. Or alternatively your focus is on the Services sector we can help you there also. Our powerful website allows you to search and select only the Sales Leads that you need.

Complete Sales Leads

Walker’s Sales Leads Lists include not only the title, phone number, company address but also the email address of the executives. The email coverage of our database is about 50 %. Which means that we have emails for roughly half of the one million executives in our database. The emails are not opt-ins. So you need to make sure that the address that you use in your emails, the subject heading, the text of the emails are not misleading. Find out more about CAN-SPAM compliance before executing your campaign. When you use our emails you need to make sure that you are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM regulations.

Sales Leads Punch

Direct marketing response rate is often less than 1 %. Cold calling is expensive and often leads to less then one sale a day. Email marketing open rates are also typically less than 10 % and the click-throughs are less than that. So what does this all mean. It means that there is no silver bullet. To be successful, you need to try the entire slate of techniques to reach the decision maker and close that sale.

Updated Sales Leads Database

Have you purchased a telemarketing list where 30 % of the phone numbers are wrong. We have. It can be quite frustrating and needless to say very expensive experience. So accuracy of Sales Leads data is critical. We know it. It helps save time and make your marketing campaigns more effective. Walker’s Sales Leads Database is updated on an on-going basis so that the information is as current as possible. We make phone calls, monitor press releases and use other techniques to make sure that you have the most current Executive Lists.

Sales Leads

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