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Executive List
1. Samuel Gussis
(Attorney Member)
2. Samuel Saludo
(Principal, Retail - Orange County, CA)
3. Samuel Wertheimer
(Board Dir.)
4. Samuel Cohen
(Sr. Scientist)
5. Samuel Allen
(Pres., Worldwide Construction, Forestry Division, John Deere Power Systems)
6. Samuel Desimone
(Exec. VP, General Counsel)
7. Samuel Grego
8. Samuel Leno
(Exec. VP - Finance, Information Systems, CFO)
9. Samuel Nussbaum
(Exec. VP, Clinical Health Policy, Chief Medical Officer)
10. Samuel Saks
(Board Dir.)
11. Samuel Schwartz
(Board Dir.)
12. Samuel Young
(Board Dir. - Ocean City Home Bank's)
13. Samuel Baker
(Physician, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine)
14. Samuel Duffey
(General Counsel)
15. Samuel Lionel
(Founder, Pres., Attorney)
16. Samuel Rubin
(Assist. Dir., Digital Forensics)
17. Samuel Sontag
(Taxation - Of Counsel Tax Attorney)
18. Samuel Cespedes
19. Samuel Hicks
(Corporate Controller)
20. Samuel Reaves

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