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Executive List
1. Sam Lu
(Dir. Analytical R&D)
2. Sam Madani
3. Sam Malhotra
4. Sam Montsi
(Non - Exec. Board Dir.)
5. Sam Morcos
(Sr. VP, Sales, Services Canada, Asia Pacific, Latin America)
6. Sam Naficy
7. Sam Nakib
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
8. Sam Nandi
(Actuarial Group Leader)
9. Sam Nasiri
(Pres. - - Global Microwave Systems)
10. Sam Noyes
(HelpDesk Mgr.)
11. Sam Nunn
(Board Dir.)
12. Sam Nunn
(Independent Board Dir.)
13. Sam O'Briant
(Exec. VP, Southeast Region)
14. Sam Oolie
(Board Dir.)
15. Sam Ourfalian
(Sr. MD, CIO)
16. Sam Owusu-Akyaw
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
17. Sam Peterson
(Sr. VP, Technology)
18. Sam Pullara
19. Sam Richardson
(Staff Account Exec. - Economic Development Staff)
20. Sam Runco
(Board Dir.)

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