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Executive List
1. Lewis Moon
(Board Dir.)
2. Lewis Eggebrecht
(Board Dir.)
3. Lewis Larson
(Board Dir.)
4. Lewis Randall
(Board Dir.)
5. Lewis Von Thaer
(VP, Pres. - Advanced Information Systems)
6. Lewis Cole
(Partner - New York)
7. Lewis Bender
8. Lewis Bender
(Board Dir., CEO)
9. Lewis Ferguson
(Board Dir.)
10. Lewis Jordan
(Dir., Principal, Wingspread Enterprises, LLC)
11. Lewis Ho
(Dir., Chief Administrative Officer, , Principal Exec. Officer)
12. Lewis Alphin
(Board Dir.)
13. Lewis Brandolini
(Chmn., CEO)
14. Lewis Goverman
(Sr. Exec. VP, Chief Credit Officer)
15. Lewis Greenwald
16. Lewis Leonardi
17. Lewis Shuster
(Board Dir.)
18. Lewis Stuart
(Sr. VP, Commercial Operations)
19. Lewis Kanter
(Advisory board - MD Board Certified, Allergy, Immunology)
20. Lewis Cutler
(Marketing Dir.)

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