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Executive List
1. Diana Laing
(Board Dir.)
2. Diana Newmier
(VP, Human Resources)
3. Diana Spencer
(Assist. VP, Regional Mgr. Columbiana County - Calcutta Office, Wellsville Office)
4. Diana Wilson
(Sr. VP, Chief Accounting Officer, Principal Accounting Officer)
5. Diana Fulkerson
(Sr. Consultant)
6. Diana Wynne
(Sr. VP - Corporate Affairs)
7. Diane Bachman
(Office Mgr.)
8. Diane Balcom
(Board Dir.)
9. Diane Banis
(Dir. - Research)
10. Diane Bean
(Exec. VP, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources)
11. Diane Boisvert
(Board Dir., Sec.)
12. Diane Brennan
(customer service Mgr.)
13. Diane Calta
(COO, Supercuts)
14. Diane Cappis
15. Diane Cecchettini
(Pres., CEO)
16. Diane Cote
(Dir., Pres., CEO)
17. Diane Cowin
18. Diane Curtis
(Corporate Dir. - Accounts Receivable)
19. Diane Dayhoff
(Sr. VP - Investor Relations)
20. Diane De Saint Victor
(General Counsel, member - Exec. Committee)

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