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Executive List
1. Mark Heles
(Board Dir.)
2. Mark Hoffman
(Pres., Chmn., CEO)
3. Mark Logan
4. Mark Lucky
5. Mark Romanowski
(Marketing Dir.)
6. Mark Sandground
7. Mark Segall
(Board Dir.)
8. Mark Skaletsky
(Board Dir.)
9. Mark Stein
10. Mark Templeton
(Board Dir., CEO, Pres.)
11. Mark Thomas
(Dir., CEO, CFO, Sec., Treasurer)
12. Mark Waldstein
13. Mark Williams
(CFO, Principal Accounting Officer)
14. Mark Allen
(Sr. VP, Discovery Research)
15. Mark Bartell
(Sr. VP, Global Sales, Marketing CRM)
16. Mark Biderman
(Exec. VP, Vice Chmn.)
17. Mark Davis
(Exec. VP)
18. Mark Errico
19. Mark Falb
(Vice Chmn.)
20. Mark Fishman
(Pres. - Novartis Institutes Biomedical Research, NIBR)

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