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Executive List
1. Manfred Koroschetz
(CTO, Dir.)
2. Manfred Richter
(VP, Operations)
3. Manfred Schneider
(Member - Supervisory Board)
4. Manfred Schneider
(Member - Supervisory Board)
5. Manfred Schoenleber
(MD European Operations Group Lead)
6. Manfred Seitz
(Regional Account Mgr. - VA, MD)
7. Manfred Sternberg
(Dir., Chief Strategy Officer)
8. Manfred Von Nordheim
(Sr. Advisor to the Chmn., CEO)
9. Manfred Walt
(Board Dir.)
10. Manfred Heeg
(Pres., Magnet - Motor GmbH)
11. Manfred Steiner
12. Mani Krishnaswamy
13. Mani Subramanian
(Chmn., CEO)
14. Manic Lefebvre
(Sr. Mgr., Actuarial Services, Scottish Annuity, Life Insurance Company Ltd)
15. Manik Rath
(VP, General Counsel, Corp. Sec.)
16. Manilal Mewada
(Physician - Obstetrics, Gynecology - McLaren Regional Medical Center)
17. Maninder Hora
18. Manish Agarwal
(Managing Partner, Global Public, SectorAsia, Pacific)
19. Manish Aggarwal
(Managing Partner)
20. Manish Bakshi
(Pres., Founder)

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