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Executive List
1. Ken Bowden
(Board Dir., Pres.)
2. Ken Bramlett
(Board Dir.)
3. Ken Bramlett
(Board Dir.)
4. Ken Lesuer
5. Ken Lew
(Special Advisor - Board Dir. mergers, acquisitions)
6. Ken Stickland
(Exec. VP, Legal, SD, EH, S)
7. Ken Bell
(Sr. VP, CIO)
8. Ken Berkeley
9. Ken Cai
(Chmn., Dir., CEO)
10. Kenard Gibbs
(Board Dir.)
11. Kencade Babb
(Assoc. Attorney)
12. Kendal Otto
(Medicaid Rebate Analyst, Accounting Clerk)
13. Kendall Baker
14. Kendall Merkley
(Audit Partner)
15. Kendall Crook
(Managing Partner)
16. Kendall Powell
(Board Dir.)
17. Kendall Powell
(Chmn., CEO)
18. Kendall Spencer
(Pres., Mercantile Bank)
19. Kendall Gray
20. Kendall Hunt
(Chmn., CEO)

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