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Executive List
1. James Day
2. James Demesa
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
3. James Denny
(Lead Independent Dir., Gilead Sciences Board Dir.)
4. James Denny
5. James Dicesare
(Dir. - Pharmaceutical Services)
6. James Dickerson
(Assoc. - Cincinnati Office)
7. James Eckels
(Chief Corporate Counsel)
8. James Elsworth
9. James Everidge
(Pres., CEO, Founder)
10. James Fischer
(Assoc. Attorney)
11. James Flagg
12. James Flaherty
(Assoc. Attorney)
13. James Foote
(Exec. VP, Sales, Marketing)
14. James Ford
(Board Dir., Pres.)
15. James Fraser
(Assoc. Attorney)
16. James Frates
(Sr. VP, CFO, Treasurer)
17. James Frincke
18. James Froisland
(CFO, CIO, Corp. Sec.)
19. James Funk
(Dir., Oil, Gas Consultant)
20. James Gallen

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