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Executive List
1. Donald Hammett
2. Donald Harris
(Telecommunications Services Advisor)
3. Donald Heneghan
4. Donald Holzworth
(Sr. VP, Dir. - Strategy)
5. Donald Huebner
(Board Dir.)
6. Donald Juckett
(Independent Board Dir.)
7. Donald Lorenz
(Exec. VP, MD)
8. Donald Lotufo
9. Donald Lucas
(Board Dir.)
10. Donald Lucas
(Board Dir.)
11. Donald Mattes
12. Donald Mattran
13. Donald McAfee
(Chief Scientific Officer)
14. Donald McCunniff
(Sr. VP, Human Resources)
15. Donald Merril
(VP, CFO, Corp. Sec.)
16. Donald Palmieri
(Pres. - Gem Certification, Appraisal Lab, GCAL Master Gemologist Appraiser)
17. Donald Schroeder
(Region CEO)
18. Donald Sherman
(Board Dir., Pres., COO)
19. Donald Spetter
(Pres. - Electrodynamics, Inc, Pres. - Targa Systems)
20. Donald Wadsworth
(Exec. VP, Partner, Risk, Crisis Management Planning)

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