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Executive List
1. David Laurello
(Pres., CEO)
2. David Lawler
3. David Levy
(Pres. CIG Education Group)
4. David Light
5. David Lucien
(Board Dir.)
6. David Lundsgaard
7. David Mahaffey
8. David Mancuso
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
9. David Mannon
(Pres., COO)
10. David Martin
(Sr. MD Low Income Housing Tax Credit Equity)
11. David McCaleb
(Sr. VP, Commercial Operations)
12. David McDowell
(VP, Manufacturing Operations)
13. David McLaren
(Exec. VP)
14. David Merritt
(Board Dir.)
15. David Merritt
(Board Dir.)
16. David Merritt
(Board Dir.)
17. David Mocklow
18. David Myers
(VP, Pres. - Building Efficiency)
19. David Nagel
(Independent Board Dir.)
20. David Nagel
(Board Dir.)

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