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Executive List
1. Carol Jensen
(Board Dir.)
2. Carol Kaufman
(Sr. VP - Legal Affairs, Sec., Chief Administrative Officer)
3. Carol Eicher
(VP, Business Dir., Primary Materials)
4. Carol Pratho
(VP, Contracts, Trade Management)
5. Carol Fiala
6. Carol Berger
(Attorney Member)
7. Carol Hance
(Co - Founder, MD)
8. Carol Reisman
9. Carol Ann Olson
(Sr. VP - Pharmaceutical Development, Chief Medical Officer)
10. Carol-Ann Ohmstede
(VP - Corporate Alliances, Project Planning)
11. Carole Brookins
(Board Dir.)
12. Carole Davidson
(Sr. VP, Strategic Planning)
13. Carole Enisman
(Exec. VP - operation)
14. Carole Evans
(Sr. Dir. - CMC Operations)
15. Carole Koleser
(Marketing Assist.)
16. Carole Levin
(Regional Mgr.)
17. Carole Milner
(Physician - Specialty Interests, Behavioral medicine with adolescents, Family)
18. Carole Montepare
(Sr. VP, Sales)
19. Carole Sadler
(Sr. VP, General Counsel, Sec.)
20. Carole Watkins
(Chief Human Resource Officer)

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