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Executive List
1. Bob Starke
(Exec. VP, Operations, Hardee’s)
2. Bob Stearns
(Founder Principal, Chmn., Engineer)
3. Bob Stegall
(Pres., Noblemen Strategic Services)
4. Bob Steingart
(Pres., COO)
5. Bob Stich
(Sheet Metal, Piping Mgr.)
6. Bob Stoddard
7. Bob Stoffel
(Sr. VP, UPS, Engineering, Strategy, Supply Chain)
8. Bob Stuart
(Regional Sales Mgr. - South Central Region)
9. Bob Sulentic
(Group Pres., EMEA, Asia Pacific, Development, Investment)
10. Bob Swan
(Sr. VP, Finance, CFO, eBay)
11. Bob Swistock
12. Bob Tavares
(VP - Care Management)
13. Bob Taylor
(Pres., CEO)
14. Bob Tedesco
15. Bob Temkin
16. Bob Tesar
17. Bob Tharp
(Regional Sales Mgr. - Western Region)
18. Bob Thompson
(VP, New Business Development)
19. Bob Thompson
(Creative Dir.)
20. Bob Tiffin

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