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Profile of Bob Stegall

Bob Stegall

Pres., Noblemen Strategic Services - Noblemen Group Inc.
Bob Stegall Email :
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Company Name : Noblemen Group Inc.
Company Website : www.noblemengroup.com
Company Address : 3614 Harvard Ave.
, Dallas, TX,
United States,
Bob Stegall Profile :
Pres., Noblemen Strategic Services - Noblemen Group Inc.
Bob Stegall Biography :

Bob Stegall spent the early part of his career growing companies through his direct sales and marketing efforts. That success and the lessons learned in achieving his early accomplishments and goals, led to the cornerstones of what have evolved into Stegall’s Insync Strategic Solutions (ISS) concept for growing and expanding business profitably. At the center of this strategy is the redefining of differentiated value propositions to quantify value and avoid commoditization, which in turn ultimately expands margins and grows market share. Implementing ISS requires defining and executing sales and service operations and the metrics associated with delivering world class products and services that are in strategic alignment with all aspects of the enterprise.

As SVP of sales and marketing of SGI-Integrated Graphics Systems, Mr. Stegall led the sales strategy that doubled the company’s sales while increasing the operating profits ten fold. During this period Mr. Stegall began developing the components associated with strategic synchronization and key elements involved in successful implementation.

Later as President/COO of Pro Staff, a five hundred million dollar temporary staffing company, Mr. Stegall was brought in to revive a company facing declining revenue and mounting losses due to the ensuing recession. Utilizing his ISS concepts, Mr. Stegall restructured the company, created the vision, and launched over seventy initiatives to ensure a smooth execution of the vision to become a world class bottom line profitable company. Pro Staff is currently profitable and growing, and is well positioned to attain market leadership as a result of maintaining the required discipline for strategic synchronization while executing the vision and following the roadmap outlined in the five year strategic plan.

Mr. Stegall is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a BS degree in Psychology.

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