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Executive List
1. Ricardo Touche
(Series A Board Dir.)
2. Ricardo Rosa
(Sr. VP - Europe, Africa Unit)
3. Ricardo Diez
(Partner, Counsel)
4. Ricardo Lara
(Assoc. Attorney)
5. Ricardo Porto
6. Ricardo Bringas
(Board Dir.)
7. Ricardo Galli
(Local Quality Dir.)
8. Ricardo Vicuna
(Statistical Information, Research)
9. Ricardo Athayde Menezes
(Dir., Institutional Relations Officer)
10. Ricardo Menendez
(Exec. VP, Dir.)
11. Ricardo Malfitano
(Exec. VP)
12. Ricardo Moreno
(Board Dir.)
13. Riccardo Dalla-Favera
(Board Dir.)
14. Riccardo Ruggiero
(Dir., MD, CEO)
15. Ricci Stephanie
16. Riccitiello John
17. Rice Edmonds
(Board Dir.)
18. Rich Agar
(Sr. VP, CIO)
19. Rich Alfano
(MD, North America)
20. Rich Baer
(Exec. VP, General Counsel)

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