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Executive List
1. Ramesh Babu
(VP - Professional Services, Support)
2. Ramesh Naroola
(Board Dir.)
3. Ramesh Shah
4. Ramey Peru
(Dir., Exec. VP, CFO)
5. Ramez Toubassy
6. Rami Amit
7. Rami Beracha
(Board Dir.)
8. Rami Doron
9. Rami Entin
(External Board Dir.)
10. Rami Goraly
(Board Dir.)
11. Rami Kalish
(Board Dir.)
12. Rami Sharon
(Exec. VP International Sales, Marketing)
13. Rami Razouk
(Sr. VP, Engineering, Technology Group)
14. Rami Ramadan
(Dir., CEO, CFO, Pres.)
15. Ramila Philip
(Chmn., Pres., Chief Scientific Officer)
16. Ramin Sadr
(Dir., Founder, CEO)
17. Ramiro Sanchez De Lerin
18. Ramiro Tavares
(VP, Accounting)
19. Ramiro Trevino
(Sr. VP - Engineering, Engineering Engagements)
20. Ramiro Villarreal
(General Counsel)

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