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Executive List
1. M. Scoggins
(Board Dir.)
2. Ma Qing
(Dir., CFO, Treasurer)
3. Ma Yongwei
(Independent Non - Exec. Board Dir.)
4. Ma Yuzhu
(Employee Rep. Supervisor)
5. Maarten De Vries
(CIO Royal Philips Electronics)
6. Maarten Koster
(Pres., GM, Novell Asia Pacific)
7. Maarten Van Den Bergh
(Dep. Chmn.)
8. Maarten Van Den Bergh
(Dep. Chmn.)
9. Maarten Bergh
(Non - Exec. Board Dir.)
10. Mabel Au-yeung
(PR Consultant)
11. Mabel Bullemore
(Logistical Services)
12. Mac Delozier
(Board Dir.)
13. Mac Gamse
(Sr. VP - International Operations)
14. Mac McConnell
(Sr. VP, Finance, CFO, Sec.)
15. Mac McWilliams
(Managing Principal - Dallas, Texas)
16. Mac Shimmon
(VP, Emerging Markets)
17. Mac Smith
(Dir. Business Development, Roanoke Valley)
18. Macallister Smith
(Board Dir., CEO)
19. Mace Rothenberg
20. Macel Haygood
(Litigation Group - Legal Assist.)

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