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Executive List
1. Arthut Drago
(Founder, Managing Principal)
2. Arti Bhargava
(Sr. Consulting Expert)
3. Arto Honkaniemi
(Board Dir.)
4. Artur Font
(Independent Outside Board Dir.)
5. Artur Font
(Board Dir.)
6. Artur Aparecido Coutinho
(Exec. VP - Industrial Operations)
7. Arturo Carrillo
(Assoc. Attorney)
8. Arturo Cazares
(VP, Worldwide Sales)
9. Arturo Cifuentes
(Head - Analytics, Structuring - MD)
10. Arturo Krueger
(Board Dir.)
11. Arturo Krueger
(Independent Board Dir.)
12. Arturo Molina
(Sr. VP, Clinical Research, Development)
13. Arturo Moreno
(Board Dir.)
14. Arturo Rodriguez
(Acting CFO, VP, Controller)
15. Arturo Thompson
16. Arturo Elizondo
(Dir., Country Mgr.)
17. Arty Straehla
18. Arun Bellary
(VP, India Operations, MD, PMC - Sierra India Pvt Ltd)
19. Arun Bhatia
(VP Information Systems)
20. Arun Chandra
(VP, Corporate Operations)

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