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Executive List
1. Douglas Bracken
(Sr. Counsel practicing primarily in employment)
2. Douglas Curling
(Board Dir., Pres., COO)
3. Douglas Devries
(Sr. VP, Agricultural Marketing - North America, Australia, Asia)
4. Douglas Fahrnow
5. Douglas Hart
(Assoc. Attorney)
6. Douglas Holden
(Principal - Consulting Actuary)
7. Douglas Jacobs
(Board Dir.)
8. Douglas Jones
(Dir., CFO)
9. Douglas Lang
(Board Dir.)
10. Douglas Lasota
11. Douglas Lefferson
(Exec. VP, COO)
12. Douglas Lloyd
(Dir., Founder, Pres., CEO, Principal Accounting, Financial Officer)
13. Douglas MacKenzie
14. Douglas MacLellan
(Board Dir.)
15. Douglas McMillon
(Exec. VP, Pres., CEO - Sam's Club)
16. Douglas Mikeworth
(Principal, VP)
17. Douglas Murray
(Assoc. Attorney)
18. Douglas Sands
19. Douglas Sandvig
(CFO, Sr. VP, Treasurer)
20. Douglas Schultze
(Sr. VP - Midcontinent Operations)

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