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Executive List
1. Donna Ruginski
(Pres., COO)
2. Donna Scott
(Dir. - Product Management, Accreditation, Compliance)
3. Donna Seagrave
(member - technical support, training)
4. Donna Sinclair
(Sr. Account Mgr.)
5. Donna Speciale
(Pres., Investment, Activation)
6. Donna Sumpter
(Assist. VP, Branch Mgr., Green Hills, Platte Woods, Unit Operations)
7. Donna Titzman
(VP, Treasurer)
8. Donna Vallone
(Sr. VP, Research, Evaluation)
9. Donna Vanderpool
(Assist. VP, Risk Management)
10. Donna Veraguth
11. Donna Zimmerman
(Dir. - Human Resources)
12. Donna Haag
(VP, Supply Chain)
13. Donna James
(Board Dir.)
14. Donna James
(Board Dir.)
15. Donna James
(Board Dir.)
16. Donna Soloway
(Board Dir.)
17. Donna Tanoue
(Vice Chmn. - Bank - Hawaii)
18. Donna Toth
(Managing Principal - New York)
19. Donna Cohen
(VP, Controller)
20. Donna Wenk
(Sr. VP, Sales Operations, Customer Care)

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