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Executive List
1. David Roderick
(Board Dir.)
2. David Ross
(Chmn., Dir., Pres.)
3. David Rottkamp
4. David Rubenstein
(Founder - Washington, DC)
5. David Rubin
6. David Ryckman
(VP, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Operations)
7. David Sagehorn
(Exec. VP, CFO)
8. David Sankaran
(Sr. VP, CFO)
9. David Schachter
10. David Scharf
(MD Financial Processing, Outsourcing)
11. David Schmertz
(VP, Asia Pacific Sales, Marketing)
12. David Seery
(VP, Land)
13. David Senior
(Sr. VP - Strategy, Corporate Development)
14. David Shade
(VP - Healthcare)
15. David Shaffer
(VP - Asia)
16. David Shapiro
(Board Dir.)
17. David Sherbin
(VP, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Delphi Corporation)
18. David Smith
19. David Sobocinski
(Managing Partner)
20. David Sparby
(Acting Pres., CEO, Northern States Power Company - Minnesota, an Xcel Energy Company)

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