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Profile of Ernst-august Gutt

Ernst-august Gutt

International Translation Consultant - SIL International
Ernst-august Gutt Email :
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Company Name : SIL International
Company Website : www.sil.org
Company Address : 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
, Dallas, TX,
United States,
Ernst-august Gutt Profile :
International Translation Consultant - SIL International
Ernst-august Gutt Biography :


Ph.D.,Linguistics, University of London, United Kingdom 1989

M.A., Linguistics, University of London, United Kingdom 1983

Current positions

Translation researcher, International Translation Department (1998- )

Translation consultant Ethiopia Branch (2003- )

Linguistics consultant Ethiopia Branch (1991- )

International Translation Consultant (1991- )

Other experience

Honorary Reader, Centre for Translation and Intercultural Communication, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, United Kingdom (2000-2002)

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University College London, United Kingdom (2001-2004)


Society of Authors

Translators Association (UK)

Society of Biblical Literature

Language proficiency

German FSI 5

English FSI 4

Amharic FSI 3

Silt'e FSI 2

Finnish FSI 2

Research interests

Relevance theory, translation, cognition

Selected publications

Publications in SIL International Bibliography

2006. "Approaches to translation: relevance theory". In Keith Brown (ed.)The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2nd Edition. Oxford: Elsevier; Vol. 1:416-419.

2005. "On the significance of the cognitive core of translation".The Translator, 11:1:25-49

2004. "Challenges of Metarepresentation to Translation Competence". In E. Fleischmann, P.A. Schmitt and G. Wotjak (eds) Tagungsberichte der LICTRA (Leipzig International Conference on Translation Studies 4.- 6.10.200. Stauffenberg: Tübingen, 77-89.

2000. "Issues of translation research in the inferential paradigm of communication". In Maeve Olohan (ed.) Intercultural Faultlines. Research Models in Translation Studies 1: Textual and Cognitive Aspects. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing, 161-179.

2000. "Translation as interlingual interpretive use". In L. Venuti (ed)The translation studies reader. London: Routledge (reprint of ch. 5 of Gutt 1991).

2000. Translation and relevance: Cognition and context. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing (2nd edition). (Also: 2004. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press).

1997. "The Silte Group (East Gurage)". In R. Hetzron (ed)The Semitic languages. London: Routledge, pp. 509-534.

1992. Relevance theory: A guide to successful communication in translation. Dallas, Summer Institute of Linguistics, and New York, United Bible Societies.

Selected papers presented

2006. "Context and realism in Bible translation" (2 parts). Bible Translation Conference 2000. Horsleys Green (UK), 24-26th Jan 2006.

2005. "The interpretive challenge of translation" Guest Lecture at the National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei 26 April 2005.

Ernst-august Gutt Colleagues :
Name Title Email

Carolyn Miller

Pres., Dir. - USA Please login

Barbara Trudell

VP Please login

Eugene Burnham

Sec. Please login

David Cram

Treasurer Please login

David Bosma

Dir. - Holland, Australia, Finance Coordinator, SIL Pacific Area Please login

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