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Executive List
1. Cathy Goldsticker
(Member, Tax, Accounting)
2. Cathy Green
(Board Dir.)
3. Cathy Hofknecht
(VP - Marketing)
4. Cathy Holmes
(Assist. Financial, Operations Principal)
5. Cathy Hwang
(Consulting Actuary)
6. Cathy La Flamme
(Sr. VP, Strategic Accounts)
7. Cathy Langham
(Board Dir.)
8. Cathy Lemieux
(Sr. VP - Supervision, Regulation)
9. Cathy Looze
(Media Dir.)
10. Cathy Marsh
11. Cathy McDermott
(VP, Regulatory Affairs)
12. Cathy Mesch
(Grassroots Coordinator)
13. Cathy Miller
(Divisional Sales Mgr.)
14. Cathy Nerenberg
(Dir., Online Marketing, Ecommerce)
15. Cathy Niewulis
(Exec. VP)
16. Cathy Noonan
(Global Chief Shared Services Officer)
17. Cathy Peate
(VP, Commercial Property Management)
18. Cathy Peng
(Chief Business Development Officer)
19. Cathy Pountney
(member - product development team)
20. Cathy Pucher
(Exec. VP - Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Business Development)

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