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Executive List
1. William Maxey
(Shareholder, Lawrence, Blackburn, Meek, Maxey, Co, PC)
2. William Mayo
(VP - Caterpillar with responsibility the company's North American Commercial Division, NACD)
3. William Meadowcroft
(CFO, Sec., Treasurer)
4. William Michael
5. William Montgomery
6. William Noonan
7. William Novelli
8. William Pappas
(Sr. VP - CIO)
9. William Patterson
(Sr. VP, CFO)
10. William Porteous
(Board Dir.)
11. William Pugliese
12. William Pumphrey
(Pres. - North America Operations)
13. William Rogers
(Corporate Sr. VP, CFO, Treasurer, SPR)
14. William Rogers
(CFO, Corporate Sr. VP, Treasurer)
15. William Rueckert
(Non - Exec. Board Dir.)
16. William Savoy
(Board Dir.)
17. William Savoy
(Dir., Consultant)
18. William Schneider
(VP - International, Founder Member)
19. William Schwieterman
(Board Dir.)
20. William Sleeper
(Pres. - North American Away From Home Business, Washroom, Wiper Solutions)

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