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Executive List
1. Paolo Scaroni
(Board Dir., CEO)
2. Paolo Torchio
3. Paolo Gargini
(Intel Fellow - Technology, Manufacturing Group, Dir. - Technology Strategy)
4. Paolo Colombo
(Board Dir.)
5. Papken Der Torossian
(Independent Board Dir.)
6. Par-Jorgen Parsson
(Board Dir.)
7. Paraag Marathe
(Dir. - Football Operations)
8. Parag Goyal
(Technical Team Member)
9. Parag Saxena
(Board Dir.)
10. Parag Singh
(Dir. - Mobile Data Applications)
11. Parag Vaish
(VP, Consumer Marketing)
12. Param Rama
(Database Administrator)
13. Paramesh Gopi
(VP, GM - Embedded, Emerging Business Unit, Communications, Consumer Business Group)
14. Paramjeet Sanghera
(VP Technology, MD - Technology)
15. Paran Johar
(Chief Marketing Officer)
16. Pardeep Kohli
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
17. Pardeep Sarai
(Dir., Pres., Principal Exec. Officer, Sec., Treasurer, Principal Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer)
18. Paresh Patel
(VP - Corporate Finance)
19. Paresh Sukthankar
(Board Dir.)
20. Paresh Mashru
(Member - Advisory Board)

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