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Executive List
1. Ogden Rolen
(Assoc. Attorney)
2. Ogden Loux
(Sr. VP, Finance, CFO)
3. Ohad Finkelstein
4. Ohad Zuckerman
(Board Dir.)
5. Ohn Kubisch
(Sr. VP, Human Resources, General Services)
6. Okafor Lekwuwa
7. Okem Nwogu
(Assoc. - DC Metro office)
8. Oksana Rencher
(Assoc. Consultant)
9. Okyu Choe
(Exec. VP, COO)
10. Ola Sage
(Pres., CEO)
11. Olaf Olafsson
(Exec. VP)
12. Olaf Swantee
(Sr. Exec., VP, Personal Communication Services, UK, Europe, Middle East)
13. Olaf Turck
(DVM, Sales Mgr. - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, DACH)
14. Olan Mills
15. Olav Volldal
(Board Dir.)
16. Olav Kieler
(Managing Partner - Copenhagen)
17. Olavi Kajander
(Chief Research, Scientific Dir.)
18. Olavo Setubal
19. Olavs Ritenis
20. Ole Isaacson
(Scientific Advisor)

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