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Executive List
1. Mimi Kim
(Exec. VP, business affairs, development)
2. Mimi MacDonald
(Exec. VP, Chief Credit Officer)
3. Mimi Potter
4. Mimi Rupp
(Assoc. Attorney)
5. Mimi Zeller
(Pres., COO)
6. Mimi Vaughn
(Sr. VP, Strategy, Business Development)
7. Mims Wright
(Managing Partner North America)
8. Min Bao
(Board Dir.)
9. Min Fan
(Exec. Dir., Co - Founder, CEO)
10. Min Kao
(Chmn., CEO)
11. Min Kim
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
12. Min She
(Sr. Board Dir.)
13. Min-Jun Bang
(Outside Board Dir.)
14. Min-Sun Moon
(Analyst, OEM Semiconductor Spending, Design Influence)
15. Mina Fader
(VP - Finance, Administration)
16. Mina Kim
(Assoc. Attorney)
17. Mina Mansour
18. Minakshi Ghuman
19. Minaz Vastani
(VP - Operations Support Systems)
20. Mindee Johnson
(Sr. Mgr. - Government services, New Philadelphia)

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