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Executive List
1. Kim Heyworth
(Board Dir.)
2. Kim Jenny
(Sr. VP, Sr. Program Mgr.)
3. Kim Jones
(VP - Global Education, Government, Healthcare)
4. Kim Jones
(Board Dir.)
5. Kim Kamdar
(Board Dir.)
6. Kim Kinnison
(VP, Global Support)
7. Kim Koehn
8. Kim Korth
9. Kim Kunkel
10. Kim Lafleur
(VP, Product Management)
11. Kim Liou
(General Counsel, CDC Corporation)
12. Kim Lopdrup
(Pres., Red Lobster)
13. Kim Mattis
14. Kim McStocker
15. Kim Meek
(VP, Information Technology, Business Process Optimization)
16. Kim Moore
(Dir. - Marketing)
17. Kim Olson
(VP, Chief Communications Officer)
18. Kim Paskal
19. Kim Pearman-Gillman
(VP, Marketing)
20. Kim Perdikou
(Exec. VP - Infrastructure Products Group, GM, Service Provider Business Team)

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