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Executive List
1. Jay Sandvos
2. Jay Sargeant
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
3. Jay Schechtman
(Sr. VP, Chief Medical Officer)
4. Jay Sears
(Sr. VP, Strategic Products, Business Development)
5. Jay Seid
(Dir. - Corporate Development)
6. Jay Seirmarco
(VP, GM, SourceForgenet Corporate Sec., General Counsel, VA Software Corporation)
7. Jay Senkerik
8. Jay Shafer
9. Jay Shaffer
(Technical Dir., Video Producer)
10. Jay Shah
11. Jay Shen
(Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering Department - Civil, Architectural Engineering Illinois Institute - Technology)
12. Jay Sherman
(VP - Operations)
13. Jay Sherry
(VP - Marketing, Solution Frameworks)
14. Jay Shreiner
(CFO, Sr. VP)
15. Jay Shuster
16. Jay Shuster
(Board Dir.)
17. Jay Squiers
(Principal, American Capital Energy - Dallas)
18. Jay Srinivasan
(Founder, MD, Board Dir.)
19. Jay Starkman
(Board Dir., Pres., CEO)
20. Jay Stein

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