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Executive List
1. Jack Yoskowitz
2. Jack Zaientz
(Research Scientist)
3. Jack Zakarian
(VP - Research)
4. Jack Davis
(Board Dir.)
5. Jack Fusco
(Board Dir.)
6. Jack Fusco
(Board Dir.)
7. Jack Henry
(Board Dir.)
8. Jack Hockema
(Chmn., Pres., CEO)
9. Jack Khattar
(Pres., CEO, Dir.)
10. Jack Kirschenbaum
11. Jack Lahue
(Sr. VP, Office Division)
12. Jack Newman
(Exec. VP)
13. Jack Pacheco
(Sr. VP, CFO)
14. Jack Pellicci
(Board Dir.)
15. Jack Rosenbloom
(General Counsel)
16. Jack Rounick
(Dir., Assist. Sec.)
17. Jack Smith
(Sr. VP, Chief Marketing Officer)
18. Jack Van Woerkom
(Exec. VP, General Counsel, Corp. Sec.)
19. Jack Coronel
(CMO, Dir. - Compliance, Strategic Development)
20. Jack Moore
(Dir., CEO, Pres.)

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