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Executive List
1. Frances Emerson
(VP, Corporate Communications, Global Brand Management)
2. Frances Fergusson
(Board Dir.)
3. Frances Rathke
(CFO, Sec., Treasurer)
4. Francesca Bracco
(Blogging, Webcast Editor)
5. Francesca Sootin
(Realtor - Assoc.)
6. Francesca Spinelli
(Sr. VP, People With Winston)
7. Francesca Viggiani
(Assoc. Attorney)
8. Francesca Castagnola
(Mgr., Symphony Towers Office)
9. Francesca Cheroutes
10. Francesca Spinelli
(Board Dir.)
11. Francesco Bellini
(Board Dir.)
12. Francesco Bellini
(Chmn., CEO, Pres.)
13. Francesco Bilotti
(Member - Board of Statutory Auditor)
14. Francesco Chiappetta
(Dir., Sec., Head - General Counsel, Corporate, Legal Affairs)
15. Francesco Fragasso
(VP - Finance, Administration)
16. Francesco Lacapra
(Board of Advisor)
17. Francesco Liberatore
(Assoc. Attorney)
18. Francesco Mattina
19. Francesco Piovanetti
(Board Dir., Pres.)
20. Francesco Santoro
(Dir., Country Mgr.)

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