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Executive List
1. Elaine Wizzard
2. Elaine Jensen
(Assoc. Principal)
3. Elaine Spencer
4. Elaine Kumpula
(Special Counsel)
5. Elaine Terry
(VP - Human Resources)
6. Elaine Spector
(Assoc. Attorney)
7. Elaine Harris
(Board Dir.)
8. Elaine Wilde
(Sr. VP, Public Sector)
9. Elaine Eisen
(Sr. VP, Exec. Creative Dir., Corbett Worldwide Healthcare Communications)
10. Elaine Ullian
(Board Dir.)
11. Elaine Walton
(VP, Quality Assurance, Program Management)
12. Elam Hitchner
(Board Dir.)
13. Elan Moriah
(Corporate Officer, Pres. - Verint Americas Inc)
14. Elan Penn
(Independent Board Dir.)
15. Elan Penn
(External Board Dir.)
16. Elan Scheinman
(VP - Marketing)
17. Elan Sigal
18. Elana Gilaad
(Sr. Counsel)
19. Elana Stein
(Sr. Assoc.)
20. Elana Foster
(Mgr., Forensic Science Services)

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