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Executive List
1. Amit Kumar
(Board Dir.)
2. Amit Kumar
(Board Dir.)
3. Amit Mantsur
(VP Investments)
4. Amit Munshi
(Chief Business Officer)
5. Amit Nagar
6. Amit Okhandiar
(Pres., CEO)
7. Amit Patel
(VP, Corporate Development, Strategic Planning)
8. Amit Ronen
(VP, GM - Device Management Product Division)
9. Amit Sankhala
(Dir., CEO, CFO, Sec.)
10. Amit Sharma
(Exec. VP, Pres. - Asia)
11. Amit Shashank
(VP, General Counsel, Corp. Sec.)
12. Amit Singhal
(Google Fellow - Engineering)
13. Amit Tal
(VP - Marketing, Sales)
14. Amit Yoran
15. Amit Zavery
(VP - product management in Oracle Server Technologies Division)
16. Amit Roy-Chowdhury
(Consulting Technical Scientist)
17. Amit Sachdev
(Sr. VP, , Public Policy, Government Affairs)
18. Amita Patel
(Assoc. Attorney)
19. Amitabh Srivastava
(Corporate VP, Windows Core Operating System Development)
20. Amjad Khan

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