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Executive List
1. Amir Ohad
(Board Dir.)
2. Amir Pelleg
(Pres., Chief Scientific Officer)
3. Amir Shafi
(Dir. - Consumer Services, Human Resources)
4. Amir Siddiqi
(Exec. VP, COO, Green Burrito, Red Burrito)
5. Amir Sunderji
(Chief Payments, Risk Officer)
6. Amir Tirosh
(Corporate VP, Corporate Development)
7. Amir Yazdani
(Exec. VP, Information Technology, CIO)
8. Amir Berenjian
(Advisor, Analyst)
9. Amir Mobayen
(Sr. VP, EMEA Operations)
10. Amiram Levin
(Member - Advisory Board)
11. Amiram Levinberg
(Board Dir.)
12. Amiram Levinberg
(Chmn., CEO)
13. Amisha Patel
(Policy Advocate Energy, Climate Change)
14. Amit Ancikovsky
(VP, GM Americas)
15. Amit Ben-Yehuda
(Board Dir.)
16. Amit Bhide
(Dir. - ERP, QA Practice)
17. Amit Birk
(VP M, A, General Counsel)
18. Amit Jain
(Dir. - Capital Markets Technology Practice)
19. Amit Jasuja
(Industry Advisory Board)
20. Amit Joglekar
(Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care)

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