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Profile of Gordon Clune

Gordon Clune

CEO - Klune Industries Inc.
Gordon Clune Email :
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Company Name : Klune Industries Inc.
Company Website : www.klune.com
Company Address : 7323 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
, North Hollywood, CA,
United States,
Gordon Clune Profile :
CEO - Klune Industries Inc.
Gordon Clune Biography :

Gordon Clune was born and lived on his grandparents homestead with no running water in rural Manitoba, Canada until he was five years old. In 1972, after moving to California, Gordonís father, Jim Clune, started a one-man welding shop. He also owned and managed a residential income property portfolio.

Growing up in the family business Gordon supervised personnel from the time he was 14 yrs. old. Gordon became proficient as he helped remodel and renovate apartment units throughout Southern California. On the shop floor of Klune Industries, Inc. Gordon learned a trade as a sheet metal mechanic and welder by working numerous aspects on the factory floor. He continued to work at Klune Industries, Inc. through college.

Gordon Clune, CEO of Klune Industries Inc.

Following graduation from high school Gordon attended the University of Utah where he worked in sales in another family business, Gordon Woods Industrial Welding Supply (currently a $20 million per year business run by Bill Clune, Gordonís brother). After college Gordon invested in a small computer chassis manufacturing company, Torr Industries, where he turned around a failing company.

During a downturn in the defense industry, Gordon acquired significant work and transfer of technology and personnel from General Dynamics, Pomona division, ultimately securing a strong missile component and control surface market segment for Klune Industries, Inc. From 1990 - 1995 Gordon consolidated Torr Industries, RTA Industries and Accurate Laser into Klune Industries, Inc. achieving increased capabilities and lower costs to ebb the downturn in the defense business.

Gordonís management and sales contributed in guiding Klune Industries, Inc. to grow from $8 million per year in sales to $18 million. In 1995 Gordon acquired a large machining and defense facility from a multinational, publicly traded entity. By keeping the programs in the current Utah location he has attracted and facilitated competent personnel to turn around the division to become a nationally recognized machining and assembly defense company.

Gordon officially became CEO of Klune Industries, Inc. in 1996 following completion of the executive MBA program at USC. From 1996 - 2000 Klune Industries, Inc. (through acquisition and internal growth) grew to sales of $56 million per year.

In 2001 Gordon took a six-month sabbatical from Klune Industries, Inc. and took his family to participate in the PBS reality production, The Frontier House. This experience gave his children the opportunity to relive a brief moment in 1883 Montana history and enabling this generation to understand how pioneer and immigrant familiesí work ethics shaped a strong America.

In 2002 Klune Industries, Inc. consolidated several entities into The Klune Group. Contained within this group are:

Klune-V (which engineers and manufactures a gear reduction box allowing vehicles to literally crawl over rocky terrain) www.klunev.com

Klune Logistics (an FAA repair station and broker of difficult to find aircraft parts and tactical vehicles parts and accessories) www.klune.com

Participation in the American Chariot (a three wheeled personal transportation vehicle). www.americanchariot.com

Gordon is currently expanding The Klune Group by developing markets laterally that better utilize the metal forming, machining and assembly processes and expects to achieve significant growth in years to come.

Gordon Clune Colleagues :
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James Clune

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