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Profile of Fernando Isac

Fernando Isac

ACCOUNTING Officer - Enersis
Fernando Isac Email :
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Company Name : Enersis
Company Website : www.enersis.cl
Company Address : Santa Rosa 76
, Santiago, ,
Fernando Isac Profile :
ACCOUNTING Officer - Enersis
Fernando Isac Biography :

Fernando Isac. Mr. Isac, an economist, is a graduate of Universidad de Zaragoza. Mr. Isac worked in several accounting and financing positions in Eléctricas Reunidas de Zaragoza ("ERZ"), a subsidiary of Endesa-Spain, between 1977 and 1996. Subsequently, he was a Director of Electricidad de Caracas (Venezuela) until 1998. Between 1998 and September 2000, he was Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Subdirector Económico Financiero) of ERZ, a subsidiary of Endesa-Spain. In September 2000, Mr. Isac joined Enersis as Accounting Director. Since July 2003, Mr. Isac has been the Regional Accounting Officer of Enersis, reporting directly to the CEO, and he is also CEO of Elesur S.A., a subsidiary of Enersis.

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