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Profile of David Torelli

David Torelli

Graphic, Web Designer, So Paulo - Brazil - Century Media Records
David Torelli Email :
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Company Name : Century Media Records
Company Website : www.centurymedia.com
Company Address : 2323 W El Segundo Blvd.
, Hawthorne, CA,
United States,
David Torelli Profile :
Graphic, Web Designer, So Paulo - Brazil - Century Media Records
David Torelli Biography :

* Birth Date and Place

* So Paulo-Brazil (15-08-77)

* First Album Ever Bought

* Metallica - "Master of Puppets"

* First Concert Attended

* Sepultura and Napalm Death (1990 - So Paulo)

* Three Favorite Films

* (Only three ?!?) Matrix, Gladiator, The Crow, Warriors, Escape from New York and of course all Star Wars

* Three Favorite TV Shows

* (Only three again?!?) That 70's show, Friends, Seinfeld, Samurai X, The Simpsons, C.S.I., 24 hours, South Park, Jackass

* Favorite Foods

* Pasta, Japanese and Pizza

* How I Got Started in the Music Business

* Since I was a kid because my brother is a musician.

* When I Started at Century Media

* October 7, 2000

* What I Was Doing Prior to Working at Century Media

* Freelance on advertisement for an agency

* Non-Musical Interests

* Comics, Games, Movies, Animation, Cartoons, hang out with my girlfriend and my friends, travel and soccer

* Pets

* A bird called Dodo

* The First Thing I Do After Work Everyday

* I shut down the computer.

* Dream Date

* Besides my girlfriend, I would like to know Cristina Scabbia and Alyssa Milano.

* Things I Hate The Most in the World

* Disrespect

* Favorite Quote

* Can you dig iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?

* Most Surreal Rock N' Roll Moment

* Get a girl on stage, at the last concert of The Cult here in So Paulo.

* Bands Who Will Soon Rule the Planet

* I dont think its a great idea, a band rule the planet.

* Personal Rantings

* Develop my patience and my skills to grow up as a better person

David Torelli Colleagues :
Name Title Email

Marco Barbieri

Pres., Los Angeles Please login

Alex Kaehler

Staff, Los Angeles Please login

Andrew Hosner

Mgr. - Sales, Distribution, Los Angeles Please login

Branden Linnell

Dir. - Magic Arts Publishing USA, Los Angeles Please login

Brian Sharp

VP - Internal Operations, Los Angeles Please login

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