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Profile of Bob Miller

Bob Miller

Chmn., CEO - ONStor Inc.
Bob Miller Email :
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Company Name : ONStor Inc.
Company Website : www.onstor.com
Company Address : 254 E Hacienda Ave.
, Campbell, CA,
United States,
Bob Miller Profile :
Chmn., CEO - ONStor Inc.
Bob Miller Biography :

Bob Miller has built a distinguished career with some of the world's most prominent computing giants as well as successfully leading more than a dozen promising computer startups. He began as an engineer at IBM and rose to director of IBM's Boulder Colorado Laboratory in the General Systems Division. Bob then transitioned to Data General where he led all of Data General's Computer Systems business, reaching $1.3 billion by the time Bob left in 1987.Over the past two decades, Bob has held leadership roles in 13 startups, nine of which have achieved market capitalizations in excess of $100 million and several of over $1B. Just prior to joining ONStor, Bob was founder and CEO of Slam Dunk Networks, which operates the Internet's first and only global infrastructure to guarantee delivery and tracking of transaction messages. Bob's impressive record with startups also includes MIPS, the developer of the industry's first 64-bit microprocessor, which had a successful initial public offering and subsequent purchase by SGI. Additionally, Bob led NeTpower, the first company to build high performance workstations using a combination of MIPS processors and Windows NT.Bevocal, Contivo, and Interweave are among the startups Bob has led, invested in, and on whose boards he has served. Over the years, Bob's board positions have included companies such as Box Hill (transitioning them from privately held through an initial public offering), Ingress, Rasna, and Vitesse. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Bucknell University and an M.S. in thermodynamics from Stanford University. Bob is a licensed Professional Engineer, holds six patents, and is a distinguished alumnus of Bucknell University. Bob currently serves on the board of directors for Contivo, ONStor, Slam Dunk Networks, and is a life trustee of the Urban Institute.

Bob Miller Colleagues :
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Jonathan Goldick

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Thomas Gallivan

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Narayan Venkat

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Paul Negus

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