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Profile of Bob Valzah

Bob Valzah

Dir. - Technical Marketing - 29 West Inc.
Bob Valzah Email :
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Company Name : 29 West Inc.
Company Website : www.29west.com
Company Address : 29W110 Butterfield Rd.
Ste. 306, Warrenville, IL,
United States,
Bob Valzah Profile :
Dir. - Technical Marketing - 29 West Inc.
Bob Valzah Biography :

Bob built an Altair computer from a kit in 1975. He’s been interested in high-performance networking systems ever since. Before joining 29West, he served as Product Manager for TIBCO’s SmartSockets, Rendezvous, and SmartPGM products. He has a deep understanding of the system-level approach necessary to build reliable, high-performance messaging systems. His familiarity with all architectural layers in a system allows him to understand the trade-offs involved in performance, latency, and reliability. Bob has designed and managed LAN and WAN networks delivering reliable unicast and multicast connectivity using protocols like PGM, PIM, and BGP. In addition to roles in Product Management, Bob has been a Project Manager, Support Manager, and Consulting Manager. Bob gained experience in applying technology to financial market problems while working at FutureSource. He managed their communications network, a team of engineers responsible for their ticker plant, and built their original E-commerce web site. Bob left FutureSource to join WhiteBarn in 1998, and worked on PGM, messaging and file transfer applications at WhiteBarn, Talarian and TIBCO.

Bob Valzah Colleagues :
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