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Profile of Bijan Moslehi

Bijan Moslehi

Pres. - Semiconductor Technology Research - Noblemen Group Inc.
Bijan Moslehi Email :
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Company Name : Noblemen Group Inc.
Company Website : www.noblemengroup.com
Company Address : 3614 Harvard Ave.
, Dallas, TX,
United States,
Bijan Moslehi Profile :
Pres. - Semiconductor Technology Research - Noblemen Group Inc.
Bijan Moslehi Biography :

Dr. Bijan Moslehi is Chief Technology Officer of Noblemen Group and Senior Vice President of the Noblemen Semiconductor Technology Research Division. He leads the technology research and analysis efforts developed to provide chip makers, equipment & material suppliers, venture capital firms, and institutional investors with critical market and technology assessment. He has extensive experience in semiconductor industry, including process, manufacturing and wafer fab technology. Bijan has held senior technology and marketing management and engineering positions at several semiconductor manufacturing companies (Philips/VLSI Technology, Hewlett-Packard, National/Fairchild Semiconductor) and capital equipment manufacturers (KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials and Mattson).

Before Noblemen Group, Bijan served as Vice President of Technology & Strategic Marketing in the Wet Products Division at Mattson Technology, responsible for managing long-term strategic business development plans and identifying emerging markets, technologies, and products. In this role, he led strategic marketing, product and market strategy, advanced technology evaluation, and analysis of semiconductor process and manufacturing technology trends. He directed the development of a comprehensive strategy and a roadmap for 300mm wafer cleaning products for 90nm & 65nm nodes with emphasis on emerging processes and tools, including single wafer cleans, integrated cleans and supercritical fluids. Later, Bijan led an analysis of strategic options for the Wet Division and coordinated the division's efforts in its divestiture. Earlier, he was vice president of 300mm Process Module Control Solutions in Corporate Marketing at KLA-Tencor, responsible for evaluation and analysis of 300mm technology transition and its impact on process control and managed the development of 300mm fab planning and diagnostic tools & models. As vice president of 300mm Technology & Strategic Marketing in the metrology group, Bijan directed a detailed analysis of implications of the emerging integrated metrology technology for lithography process control. This investigation led to a better understanding of various economic and operational issues and challenges of this trend and resulted in the development of novel concepts and a roadmap for optimized implementation of 300mm litho metrology products for 130nm & 90nm nodes.

At VLSI Technology/Philips Semiconductors, Dr. Moslehi served as director of the Process Technology Group & Technology Pilot Line Fab Manager with successful completion of the development of 150nm process technology. Earlier, as Program Manager, Bijan directed design, construction and startup of this deep sub-micron wafer fab. He also managed the Diffusion & Defect Engineering Group, working on the development of 0.35mm, 0.25mm and 0.20mm process modules and also led the Process Engineering Group in San Jose Manufacturing Wafer Fab Operation.

At HP, Bijan was a project manger with the Process Technology & Baseline Yield Engineering in the TD Center of the Integrated Circuit Business Division, where he worked on 0.35mm and 0.5mm process technologies with focus on fabwide yield management, defect engineering, and wafer cleaning processes. He was a major contributor to the HP's sub-micron Palo Alto Pilot Line Fab construction program.

Prior to HP, he was a manager and principal engineer for Process Technology and Yield Engineering groups of the Advanced CMOS Development R&D at Fairchild/National Semiconductor. He was the principal designer and project manager of the "Open Area SMIF Isolation Site (OASIS)" project with the aim of elimination of cleanroom. The OASIS concept introduced a novel approach in building SMIF fabs that inspired many of the future fab designs. In recognition of this contribution, he was honored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) with the 1997 SME award for "Manufacturing Creativity".

Dr. Moslehi received his doctorate degree and two masters in engineering from Stanford University. He was a member of the "Federal Standard 209E Committee on Cleanrooms" and received the IES award for "Long and Outstanding Service to the World Contamination Control Community". He was also on the Research Advisory Board of University of Arizona Center for Microcontamination Control (CMC). An elected member of Sigma Xi, he has served on the editorial advisory board of Micro Magazine. Bijan has written on a range of semiconductor technology, yield management and microcontamination issues, and has been the recipient of an IEEE best paper award. Currently, he serves on the Advisory Boards of several Silicon Valley high tech companies. Bijan lives with his wife and two children in Bay Area and enjoys reading, spending time with family & friends, and sports, particularly playing volleyball.

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