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Barrie Kessler
Barrie Kessler's Email : Please login
Company Name : SoundExchange Inc.
Company Website : www.soundexchange.com
Company Address : 1121 Fourteenth St.
NW, Washington, DC,
United States,
Barrie Kessler's Profile : COO
Barrie Kessler's Biography :

Barrie Kessler is a 15-year veteran of database design and integration, having served as principal consultant for numerous national and international corporations, including many within the U.S. sound recording industry. Ms. Kessler is a seasoned professional in virtually all aspects of database applications from conceptual design to final production. As the chief operating officer and information specialist for SoundExchange, Ms. Kessler spearheaded the design and implementation of the Royalty Distribution System. Ms. Kessler has structured a team of technology, data and music business professionals in order to successful deploy the first-ever U.S. digital rights collective for sound performances. In addition to managing this team of experts, Ms. Kessler is charged with quality assurance of performance log administration and the strategic challenge of garnering artist and record company royalty data upon which the collective distribution allocation for the entire U.S. digital performance rights society system is based. Ms. Kessler provides technical expertise regarding reporting requirements both internally and before the Copyright Office. The evaluation of emerging and existing technology solutions for webcast performance tracking and assists assisting licensees with reporting compliance with the statutory license granted by the Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act of 1995 (DPRA) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is conducted under Ms. Kessler's leadership. Prior to SoundExchange she served as Principal of Rock Creek Systems, an information technology consulting firm, Ms. Kessler oversaw systems and database design, knowledge management, programming and data analyses for clients. Notable projects include the development of a broadcast monitoring data collection and reporting system for collecting rights societies, record companies, artists and governments in Brazil and Argentina and implementing the technology for establishing a database for a centralized musical recordings warehouse. As part of her consulting for RIAA programs, Ms Kessler developed the certification system for Gold, Platinum and Multi-platinum record sales and created the royalty distribution system for the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (AARC). Her previous work included serving as Director of Systems for RSA, Inc. in Washington, D.C. where Kessler directed project teams that provided analytical and application design services to corporate clients. In that capacity, she created EIS systems for automating workflow and billing information for a major photojournalism corporation. Ms. Kessler was also responsible for all aspects of the company's network administration. Ms. Kessler also has extensive experience abroad having served two years as a database consultant for Price Waterhouse and DOS Computer Center in Madrid, Spain. Ms. Kessler holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and economics from Lehigh University.

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