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Profile of Arun Mani

Arun Mani

Dir. - Huron Consulting Group Inc.
Arun Mani Email :
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Company Name : Huron Consulting Group Inc.
Company Website : www.huronconsultinggroup.com
Company Address : 550 W Van Buren St.
, Chicago, IL,
United States,
Arun Mani Profile :
Dir. - Huron Consulting Group Inc.
Arun Mani Biography :

Arun has over 13 years of utility and management consulting experience. He has worked with utility industry executives attorneys utility commission staff and investment bankers to offer a wide spectrum of advisory services that span strategy development financial analysis operations improvement management reviews and expert witness testimony.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Huron Arun was a Director at Barrington-Wellesley Group a management consulting firm specializing in the utilities industry. Previously he held consulting positions with Navigant Consulting and Deloitte.

Representative examples of Arun's utility advisory services engagement experience include:

Rate Case Advisory Services: Assisted a Southwestern electric utility prepare for its base rate case by providing an independent assessment of its operational efficiency and management quality and analysis of potential affiliate transactions and issues.

Financial Risk Assessment: Assisted a Midwestern public power district to quantify the potential risk exposure of a major Plant Life Extension (PLEX) project for its nuclear power plant by developing a financial model to quantify risk impact on the district's liquidity ratios cash flows bond issuance and overall debt rating due to the occurrence of an unplanned event.

Useful Life and Fair Market Value Assessment: Project manager on a bankruptcy related litigation case that required evaluation of the useful life of two coal-fired base-load generation facilities. Developed a probabilistic financial model to predict the useful life of each of the facilities as well as quantify the fair market value of the facilities under a variety of operating scenarios.

Audit Preparation: Assisted a Midwestern utility prepare for an audit by the state utility commission concerning storm restoration practices. Responsible for assisting the customer service and corporate communications functions with audit preparations.

Renewable Energy and Demand Side Management: Provided an independent assessment of a Western public power district's renewable energy and demand side management programs by assessing program characteristics and benchmarking program characteristics with peer utilities.

Expert Witness on a Pipeline Antitrust Case: Advised plaintiffs on a market manipulation antitrust case regarding the effects of a major pipeline operator's anti-competitive behavior in the natural gas market in the Southwestern United States.

Expert Witness on Merger Synergies: Testified in a civil litigation case on potential merger savings that were lost and consequently the impact on the ratepayers. Evaluated merger synergies in the areas of corporate management field services gas supply and non-regulated services.

Generation Asset Valuation: Developed an asset valuation framework to provide an independent assessment of the value of the company's generation assets. Also benchmarking the company's generation assets with peer assets to determine relative performance.

Asset Management Framework Evaluation: Advised a leading Southwestern water district on their asset management framework. Identified specific activities that needed to be performed in each of the phases and recommended a structured plan for implementing a sustainable asset management process across the district.

Power Procurement Strategy: Advised a large utility on the different power procurement models adopted by various U.S. states such as the generation auction method request for proposal process bilateral contracts and spot market procurement.

Treasury Cash Forecasting: Assisted a Southwestern combination utility develop a risk adjusted treasury cash forecasting process to plan for commercial paper borrowings and effectively forecast liquidity measures.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Arts Mathematics and Economics with Honors Denison University

Certified Management Consultant Institute of Management Consultants

Accredited Valuation Analyst National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts

Reengineering Certification Hammer & Company

Arun Mani Colleagues :
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