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Andy Urquhart
Staff - Europe, Middle East Team
Andy Urquhart's Email : Please login
Company Name : Pivotal Resources Inc.
Company Website : www.pivotalresources.com
Company Address : 1646 N California Blvd.
Ste. 520, Walnut Creek, CA,
United States,
Andy Urquhart's Profile : Staff - Europe, Middle East Team
Andy Urquhart's Biography :

Andy is a highly experienced business improvement consultant with an impressive background in the practical application of Lean Six Sigma methods. He has worked extensively with product development, processimprovement and design, and project management. Andy gained much of his experience at Motorola where he was appointed Motorolaıs first Six Sigma Champion in 1985 and a year later became Chairman of Austinıs Six Sigma Steering Committee. Over the last 20 years, Andy has gained extensive practical hands-on project experience. He has led many engineers, technicians, and improvement teams on solving seemingly intractable problems such as low productivity, reliability problems, low yields, high cycle time, and excessive scrap and rework due to defects. After returning to the UK, Andy joined Linx, where he held responsibility for process improvement and the implementation of a single-flow approach based on Lean value stream principles. Andy worked on many process and product improvement projects to address cycle time reduction issues including the production of a print head with zero defects using Toyota’s method of one-by-one confirmation. At Crossfield, a Fujifilm/Dupont joint venture, Andy introduced the Toyota Production System/Lean technique of single-flow to reduce the companyıs defect rate and to improve cycle time. Andy holds a Masters degree in Solid State Physics from the London University and is a recognized authority on the application of Lean Six Sigma methods, tools and techniques who has published a number of articles on highly specialized areas.

Andy Urquhart's Colleagues :
Name Title Email
Ernie Arboles Member - Team - America Please login
Pete Pande Pres. Please login
Cheralynn Abbott Sr. VP, COO Please login
Jim Athon Member - Team - America Please login
Kelly Babij Member - Team - America Please login

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